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New PGA Director of Instruction 
Jim DeLaby


 About Jim DeLaby
805.478.5723 ~ jamesdelaby@charter.net


Jim H. DeLaby III, who has been teaching golf since 1985, is a certified The First Tee Coach and a 20 year member of the PGA. In 1984 Jim was an All-American and member of the 1984 National Champion CSU Stanislaus Warriors Team. He is a two-time Teacher of the Year, Northern Chapter SCPGA (1996 & 2003) and 2001 Club Fitter of the Year, Northern Chapter, SCPGA.


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Tip of the Month

Dr. Jeckyl / Mr. Hide Golf?

How to make your beautiful practice swing the same when hitting ball:

I'm asked this similar question frequently , "Jim, everyone says I have a beautiful practice swing but when I hit the ball it's like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, why?"

1st answer: Whatever you are concentrating on during practice swing 'clipping the grass' etc.... you must concentrate on the very same thing... When you look at the ball think exactly what you were thinking about on the practice swing , example 'clipping the grass' 

2nd answer (more advanced): Find out if you need a visual cue (like thinking about the target) while looking at ball to repeat the practice swing 

3rd answer: You may need a kinesthetic cue like concentrating on balance 

4th answer: Or possibly you need an audio cue like humming a song, or singing a cadence during the entire swing

5th answer: There are many unique golfers thus there are many unique thoughts that work when having to look at ball and hit it 



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