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The Present and Future of Golf Course Architecture

Hear a full length interview with golf course architect Damian Pascuzzo, designer of BOTH Monarch Dunes, Old Course and The Challenge:




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Join us in celebrating Monarch Dunes' 10th Anniversary!
1 weekend per month, we'll offer 2006 rates.
This Month: Febraury 27 & 28
Public: $85, with cart
RR Members: $65, with cart


February Calendar of Events


Winter Twilight Times:
12:00pm Public
11:00am Royal Rewards Members


Taco Night: Every Monday 5-7pm

RV Repiar by PC Mechanical

 Challenge Course in February $12 to walk, $24 to ride
Ask us about our nationally acclaimed LEARN GOLF! program

Play the Old Course for $35!
Weekdays, after 2:00pm
$35: 18 holes + 1 free drink
$40 on weekends


LEARN GOLF! program recognized by NCGA,
read article here.

Butterfly Grille Happy Hour
7 days a week, 3:00pm-5:00pm

See Jim's February lesson schedule 
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